Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 NCAA Tournament: We Have Yet to be Entertained

Congrats Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse, and Wichita State - you've made the 2013 Final Four. Too bad I'm less than excited to see this play out. Probably more so than I have been for any Final Four in recent memory. Don't worry you four, it's nothing you've done - heck you've been amazing and have given us some of the top memories that aren't FGCU related in this tournament. 
However, the other 64 of you in this 2013 tournament left a hell of a lot to be desired and dare I say you've ruined this tournament for me. No, seriously, this could very well be the least anxious I've been to see a Final Four play out since I can remember the Final Four (which was the 1988 tournament in case you were wondering). 

Just take the second weekend of the tournament this year. Outside of the Kansas vs. Michigan Sweet 16 game there wasn't a single memorable moment to speak of... at least in a positive manner. Outside of that moment, name more than one game that you'll actually remember five weeks from now, let alone five years from now.

There were plenty of moments to forget to say the least. From Marquette's incredibly embarrassing three-point shooting in the East regional final to Florida doing the ass-kicking and getting an ass-kicking the story of this tournament for the neutral fans of March Madness has been the lack of entertainment from what really matters - the on the court action.

Don't get me wrong, it's not as if every single game has to be memorable or even close - that's never happened before and it won't ever happen in the future. But over the course of twelve games in a weekend it's not too much to ask for more than one game that was actually watchable, right?  And heck that game would've been unwatchable if it weren't for a sudden barrage of three-pointers from Michigan to get the game to overtime and on to the Elite 8.

It's never good when your tournament could be best remembered for a fifteen seed making a run to the Sweet 16. Sure, it should be and will be a part of the story, but unless by some miracle something amazing happens in the Final Four that's likely all this tournament is going to be remembered for and that's not good for the game.

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