Thursday, March 21, 2013

ACC Receives Committees Message, Can they respond?

Folks in ACC Country were not very happy with NCAA Tournament Committee after the selections on Sunday. There was a feeling of disrespect taken by some within the conference. Granted, it was not a banner season for the ACC but did it warrant the committees actions?

Let's start with the top, the Miami Hurricanes. The Canes won the regular season title over both Duke and UNC. Then proceeded to win the ACC Tournament in impressive fashion, clearly passing the infamous eye test. Yet, the committee saw fit to give the Canes a 2 seed in the tournament. Sure, Miami had a couple bad losses early in the season but so did most of the number one seeds at some point. But Miami logged victories over Duke, Michigan State, N.C. State and North Carolina (three times) during the season. All of these are tournament teams and a couple of those have a legitimate chance to make it to the Final Four. Compare Miami to Gonzaga who received a number one seed. The Zags won an average at best conference where only two teams received bids to the NCAA Tournament. They only played three ranked teams during the season and lost two of those. They swept St. Mary's, the only other tournament team from the West Coast Conference. Their resume pales in comparison to Miami's.

Next, could the Duke Blue Devils get a tougher bracket? Most analysts are quick to determine that the Midwest Bracket is likely the toughest of any bracket. The Devils are in the overall number one seed, Louisville's, bracket. To get to them, they would most likely have to get through Creighton and Michigan State before getting a shot at the Cardinals. Not the kindest of scenario's for a team who was in the discussion for the overall number one seed before Championship Week.

Then there are the North Carolina Tar Heels. They fall to an 8 seed placing them against Villanova in the second round and if they are fortunate enough to get by the Wildcats, they are looking at a potential match up with Kansas next, in Kansas City. Carolina finished the season with a 17 rpi and 10 strength of schedule and won 8 of their last 10 games. How many times have we heard explanation of the importance of finishing strong in the eye of the tournament committee? North Carolina finished as one of the hottest teams in the Country and fall to an 8 seed in the South Regional.

N.C. State, the last of the ACC teams in the Big Dance are one win away from taking on Indiana in the third round if they are able to get past Temple in the second round.

Clearly, the NCAA Tournament did not think much of the Atlantic Coast Conference this season and don't think the teams are not aware of it heading into the Big Dance. Whether it will add any additional incentive, remains to be seen.

“I was disappointed for our league. Two twos and two eights. I didn’t think that was good for our league. I didn’t think it was necessarily fair for our league.” Coach Roy Williams said this week. That sentiment is felt throughout ACC Country.

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