Thursday, March 14, 2013

Predictions Update

For those of you following along, Andy Coppens and Mike Holder made Championship Week predictions for all the tournaments, in Championship Week Central. Since Andy lives in Wisconsin and Mike lives in North Carolina, there is some Barbeque, Brats and Cheese on the line.

The scoring system for the predictions are as follows:

If Champion is picked = 10 points
For each win by a Sleeper picked = 5 points
If Sleeper wins Championship = 10 points plus 5 for each game won

Going into Wednesday, Mike held a 145 to 105 lead. The Patriot League was the only Championship decided. Bucknell won the Championship. Mike picked Bucknell while Andy picked Lehigh. Both had Army for their sleeper. So Mike picked up a total of 15 in the Patriot, while Andy picked up 5. Here are the updated standings after The Patriot League Championship.

Mike 160 points

Andy 110 points

At the end of each day, as tournaments crown their Champions, we will be updating our results, so check back and see how you fared against our picks.

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